Food Industries Wet Scrubber

Principle Of Operation

Food Industries Wet Scrubber eliminate contaminants from an airstream by means of gas absorption, condensation, and impaction of particulates. The packed tower fume scrubber design promotes interaction of the liquid and the airstream, ensuring the most effective abatement of industrial exhaust streams.

Air Volume 100 130 160CBM/min
Grade Automatic
Material Mild steel
Power Approx 50/60HZ
Product type Wet Scrubber
Voltage 220/380/400/415V

Key Clients

  • India food exports, Tuticorin- 2014

Application area

  • Industrial operations generating fumes and gases
  • High carbon fumes
  • Food industries scrubber
  • Ammonia ( NH3 ) scrubbing
  • Chlorine ( CL2) gas scrubbing and HCI gas scrubbing
  • Sulfur dioxide ( SO2 ) scrubbing
  • Nitric Acid ( HNO3 ) Fume scrubbing
  • Methyl Mercaptant, Ethyl Mercaptant scubbing
  • Hydrogen Sulphide ( H2S ) Scrubbing
  • Methanol ( CH3OH ) Vapour Scruubbing system
  • Dimethyl Terepthalate & Xylene scrubbing system
  • NOx Scrubbing system
  • Boiler Exhaust flue gas Particulate removal